TKS are specialists in power solutions for the Agricultural Sector.  A complete turnkey offering ensures quality control through every phase of the operation.

Solutions are engineered to ensure optimisation of all the resources available on the farm, including the use of hydro power.

Incorporating micro-grid technology allows for complete off-grid designs.

TKS have dedicated support offices in most of the major agricultural areas in South Africa, including Lydenburg,  Mbombela, Pietermaritzburg, Vryheid, Cradock,  Port Elizabeth and George. Off-site monitoring is done via the Schneider Insight platform, ensuring pre-emptive maintenance and maximum plant health and uptime.

Commercial Solar Systems

Commercial Solar Systems: TKS offers commercial solar systems that empower businesses to take control of their energy consumption. From retail establishments and warehouses to manufacturing facilities and office complexes, our solutions help you reduce overhead costs and improve your bottom line.

TKS + Schneider Electric Microgrids and Ecostruxure™ = Intelligent Power

A solar microgrid is a localized energy system that combines solar power generation with other energy sources, energy storage, and advanced control systems. It is designed to operate independently or in conjunction with the main power grid, providing electricity to a specific area or community.

Advanced control systems are employed to manage and optimize the operation of a solar microgrid. These systems monitor energy production, demand, and storage levels to ensure efficient distribution and utilization of electricity within the microgrid. They can also enable grid-connected or islanded operation, where the microgrid can either draw power from or export excess power to the main grid, depending on the circumstances.

TKS is proudly a certified Schneider Microgrid and Ecostruxure™ Partner and able to provide you with this cutting- edge technology.

Solar microgrids are often deployed in remote or off-grid areas that lack reliable access to the main power grid. They can provide electricity for small communities, rural areas, or even individual buildings. In addition to their ability to enhance energy access, solar microgrids offer several benefits, including reduced dependence on fossil fuels, lower greenhouse gas emissions, increased resilience against power outages, and cost savings  by avoiding the need for extensive grid infrastructure.


​We provide real-time monitoring on all our sites via the Schneider Insight Cloud.

Our control centre keeps track of your installation and institutes pre-emptive maintenance to ensure a healthy plant with maximum up-time.

Various maintenance plans are available according to each plant’s requirements.