Solar solutions


Rising electricity costs are a serious threat for the sustainability of farms and businesses.

Let Trackos design your unique energy plan to help you migrate to solar power and to hedge your operation against rising electricity costs.

Our Team

  • Specialists in alternative power
  • Unique design in line with customers needs
  • Phase approach to assist with capital outlay
  • Short payback period (3-5 years)
  • Service commitment

Why pay more if you can pay less?

Solve your network capacity problems and grow your local economy!


    Grid-tied and off-grid solar PV solutions
    Three phase solutions to reduce peak demand costs


    Roof top solar solutions with battery back-up
    Existing geyser conversions to solar panel
    LED lighting solutions and demand control


    Grid-tied and off-grid – farm house; workshops; borehole pumps and irrigation systems (pivots)

    Eskom- Lynedoch-Stellenbosch Echo village Micro Grid

    27 Houses- Smart metering- Residents share in the energy
    Solar PV Roof system
    8 KVA- 1.59kWp Schneider XW with 48V/150A/H battery backup per House

    Eden Municipality - 150kWp

    Schneider Certified- Solar PV Roof Carport system
    CO2 offset (p.a.) 239 tonnes
    George SA
    Installation 2016 (6 weeks)

    Eldoraigne - Pretoria

    Solar PV Roof system
    5 KVA Kodak – 4 kWp Solar- 4.8 kW Pylon Li-Ion Battery – (3 Days)

    Gordons Bay - 4.6 KVA- 4 kWp

    Solar PV Roof system
    4.6 KVA Goodwe – 5 kWp with 7.2 kW Lithium Battery backup Harbour Island, Gordons Bay , Cape Town – 2020 (3 Days)

    Henning van Wyk - McKenzie’s Post- 5 kVA

    Solar PV Roof system
    Mecer – 5KVA- 3.2kWp with 4 x 240Ah Gel Battery backup
    Kalahari farm – Installation 2019 (2 Days)

    Montana House - 4.6 KVA- 4 kWp

    Solar PV Roof system
    Goodwe 4.6 KVA- 4 kWp with 4.8 kW Lithium Battery backup
    CO2 offset (p.a.) 18 tonnes
    Montana – Pretoria
    Installation 2019 (3 Days)

    Motorisong Vegetable Farm

    Solar PV Roof system
    20 KVA- 9.75kWp Solis as Savings Model- Petronella Hammanskraal (3 Days)